Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mob Wars La Cosa Nostra

Welcome to Mob Wars La Cosa Nostra web blog... This isn't the Kanoapps Mob Wars LCN official blog, but it could still prove very useful when you're looking for updates about the game or if you're looking for a good Mob Wars La Cosa Nostra guide.

So, what does this site contains? Aside from the strategies and game updates that I would usually post here, you would also find a list of Mob Wars LCN items here that ranges from Weapons, Armors, Vehicles, World Maps, Guides, and more. Of course, I would be adding some extra juice into the usual guide, which may include my own personal comments.

This site will be containing the Mob Wars LCN weapons list, armors list, vehicles list, world list, cities list, bosses list, etc. and it will be updated once and awhile. The Weapons, Armors, and Vehicles list would be containing their respective bonus attributes and additional advance information. These information could actually help you plan ahead and determine on which items are ideal for the game, against a particular boss, or against a specific mob’s items. The bosses will also be containing their classified information that includes showing their dropped items, (the items they carry), the chances and methods of availing such items, and even the boss’ hidden weaknesses. The cities will be showing the businesses you can own, their income yield, and more. The World List will be showing the different parts of the world, with which you can travel in your quest for power and expansion, as well as the businesses, bosses, jobs, and challenges they offer. Of course, we can expect more to come, and I hope to expand our list as the game continues to improve.

I also plan to add some mob-related infos and trivias here that are sure to excite you and enhance your game play experience.

The site would be constantly updated so feel free to revisit us every now and then or feel free to subscribe on my blog. The subscription link can be found on the side bar.


  1. Hi Could we please get some of the Hidden Items Recipes? I have quite a few but need a couple more

  2. that^ would be awesome